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Why aren't I getting much attention?

Posted by NGBaronAwesomeness - March 20th, 2018

Since the other way of saying it hasn't worked much, I will say it this way. Instead of "How do I get more views?", I say "Why aren't I getting more views?"

My songs are better than everybody else's *crosses that out*

My songs have a lot of effort put into them and I only get like 300 views, and then as soon as the week ends, I gain no views at all. I see music on the frontpage that sounds like mine. And Newgrounds is a very popular website with a huge fanbase.

Is it because I don't mix good? I don't mix good at all. Is that why?

If you think you know why please tell me as soon as possible. I want the views.

Comments (3)

you should make art because you enjoy it, not for views.

As for newgrounds, a good way for audio to be picked up is to be featured in a popular flash, try to collaborate with a friend who makes animations or games.

I totally agree with you. I make music because I enjoy doing it, like, it relieves me from all this school BS. The thing I put at the end was just me joking around. If I were doing this for views, that would be because something else made me happy. Yes, I will try to get my music into a popular NG game or animation. I hope it works.

never compare your skills even if they may be extraordinary; the ego and personality of the artist is what helps build more fans than how great your music may sound

OK. I get what you are saying. I will try to be more open more often and speak to a wider audience. My music doesn't sound the greatest. I will make more news posts and try to publicize myself more.

Why aren't you getting views?

Well for a starter, you don't let people know your stuff is out there. Make a post about your newest track, use other platforms, get your name out there. People won't know unless you tell them.

Also to add on what the others said, don't compare yourself to other more experienced and popular artists. These people spent years perfecting their style into what we hear today. You're still young, and I understand that you want to get popular, but you have to understand that it takes time, people don't get popular quickly. Nobody here started with 100-2,000 fans, you have to get there manually dude.

But that doesn't mean that you won't get popular. During this time, try practicing your sound design and get better, good songs get picked up quickly. Believe in yourself man.

You got this.

i feel like this is some kinda "long response 4 long response" game and you just beat me

I agree with you. I am thinking about growing to SoundCloud and seeing how far I can get over there. I will definitely make more news posts about new songs starting now.

I understand that it is a common thing for new artists to compare their work to that of a god. It does take time to get a large following. I will work on my sound design, I will advertise my work more, I will make a lot more songs, I will sit and wait. Your point makes 101% sense. I believe it is possible to become popular, and that it will happen eventually. I got this.